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After a workout, your muscles must hurt, or the biggest myths about fitness

After a workout, your muscles must hurt, or the biggest myths about fitness
Stretching is effective injury prevention. Exercise changes fat in the muscles. Women should not reinforce with dumbbells. If you are the next day after a workout your muscles hurt, you have practiced enough. We present you the greatest myths about exercise.

Sore muscles after workout means you overdo it with exercise (Illustrative photo)
Running, cycling, tennis, gym. Spring is a period of intensive athletic activity. "In the audience watching during the year usually two peaks," says Jori Stravinsky, owner of Prague's fitness center. "After Christmas, when everyone is trying to correct the sins of giant feasts, and in the spring, when the rising frequency of female visits. Women is trying to improve his character before swimsuit season."

The exercise , however, still binds many myths and half-truths, which, if you believe them, and you follow them, you can directly harm. We present you the most common of them.

Myth: Stretching before exercise prevents injuries
Also, before routing the exercise carefully to avoid injury? Then you have succumbed to one of the most widespread myths. It was, however, refuted this rumor back in 1994, when they were at the American College of Sports Medicine presented the results of a survey conducted among participants in the Honolulu Marathon.Found that the number of injuries was paradoxically higher among those runners who performed stretching before a race, than among their colleagues, who ignored him. Since then it has been confirmed by other studies. Some have even found that some injuries (eg Achilles tendon damage or stress fractures of the feet) was formed during stretching.

Research by Wellness and Wan from 90 years in addition proves that stretching has no effect neither on whether you will or will not be the next day sore muscles after a workout.

Myth: Exercise fat cells change in muscle
Adipose and muscle tissue are composed of two entirely different types of cells that are not themselves changed. It is therefore unreasonable and contrary assertion that the withdrawal of regular exercise the muscle turns into fat tissue.

However, it is true that muscles need more energy, so if you limit the exercise along with eating food , the muscles use free fatty acids from fat stored in fat cells. Fat So consequently decreases.

Myth: Strengthening with dumbbells is not suitable for women
You may refuse to lift weights, because you feel that this type of reinforcement will make you masculine female with giant muscles. But it is a mere superstition. Many researches on the contrary shows that strengthening with dumbbells for women is very helpful and has lots of health benefits.

For instance, last year brought the New England Journal of Medicine report on research that has shown that strengthening with dumbbells effectively reduces the impact of cancer after breast cancer , specifically in the case of lymphedema.

Strengthening will also help you lose weight more effectively, according to research published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research regularly empowering women burn for one day an average of one hundred calories more than those who pay only aerobic activities.

Appreciation reduces the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and pain back . Excessive muscle size in normal recreational reinforcing fear not, because women have ten to thirty times less of the hormones that are responsible for muscle growth than men.

Myth: Before training must not eat
Of course, you do not run well, if to himself five minutes before the start of stuffed burger with fries, but no longer true rule that two hours before exercise should not eat.

On the contrary, numerous studies have shown that eating proper food or drink before and during exercise improves performance and accelerates combustion. In 2009, conducted by scientists from the University of Nottingham research, which studied the effect of eating before exercise to burn fat.

The experiment involved three groups of women, the first had for breakfast foods that cause a slow rise in blood sugar (yogurt, dark bread, cereals), the second group had breakfast food behind the rapid increase in blood sugar (white bread, sweets) and the third remained without breakfast .

Hour after breakfast, all groups completed the same training. The first group, which had breakfast healthy when it burned about fifty percent more fat than the other two.

Myth: If your muscles hurt the next day, you have practiced a few
Many people believe that muscle pain the next day after a workout is an indicator of how good the exercise was. But this is nonsense.

Muscle pain after exercise is caused by microscopic tears in the muscle tissue, which occur especially after you begin a new kind of movement, that your muscles are not used to and the intensity of it too much.

If your muscles sore after every workout, rather it is a symptom of the fact that you have them treat yourself enough time to recover.
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A similar myth says that we practice well only if the working up a sweat during exercise. Sweating cools the body and is a typical manifestation of aerobic exercise movement, but there are exercises involving not sweat at all (for example, power yoga or Pilates ) while quality stretch and strengthen muscles.

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 The roots of this error is most likely inaccurate translation or not fully understanding what the author was when he wrote: "Survival of the fittest." The author of these words was a British philosopher and biologist Herbert Spencer nineteenth century. This statement is most often translated as "Survival of the fittest." While in fact means that the "Survival of the most adaptable." Indeed, this beautifully complemented with the research findings of Dr. Bramble and David Carriere that person when adapted to the new conditions, the fact that he stood at the back, was basically one of the weakest creatures on Earth. So it was not about being the strongest at the moment - to survive as a species, but the most adaptable!
Fitness is not just pure strength, but rather the ability to stand up to what life puts in front of us and emerge from this confrontation best (best make this work).

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People have a need to look for the best in their respective fields of activity, it also applies to the sport. However, as you determine who is better when standing next to each other Usain Bolt, Sergei Klicka, Goran Djukoviče, Lionel Messi ... who really will be the best? Or are they perhaps the best winners Reebok Crossfit Games 2011 Islanďanka Annie Thorisdottir and American Rich Froning Jr.?

For American Michael Boyle, an advocate of functional training is real fitness balanced blend of strength, endurance, flexibility and dynamics, adapted to the personal challenges - personal direction.
Let us return to the four paragraphs back to what we explained to mean Survival of the fittest. Precisely in this spirit that explains Michael Boyle, when he says: True fitness is the ability to be able to do everything you want to do, which of course will mean something different for a football player or a housewife. The only thing we have to do is to get the body in such a condition that not restrict us in what we do. So good footballer playing football, housewives need to take long trips with children or friends, who as you please.

What are we missing the fact that we were really fit?
Most often we lack the willpower to lift butt, but generally it is a balance in training. In essence, that runners are not athletes and so just run. Football players are not athletes and so only Čuta to meruny. Tennis players are not athletes and so just sweep rocket. Cyclists are not athletes and so just tread the pedals. Surely you already understand what's going on. It is a one-sidedness, and this causes imbalance. This is supported by the fact that we have not only lost in translation, but also in the world ever new and new goodies in the form of new and new machines that are guaranteed to be the most fit. It is important to go back to the roots and the trees. The body itself and understand how it works, are best placed to make you feel and be fit.
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Energy in the form of very specific events offer Drum & Walk 2, which will take place 26 11th 2011 in sports hall AC Sparta Praha - Podvinný mill. The program is a lesson for health professionals who contribute to your workout Fund Hospital in wheelchairs. In addition, the group will perform The Tap Tap with Kamil Stříhavka. All afternoon sessions peaks at 300 MaxerRunner strips, which are used in modern practice group HEAT Program to the beat of drums 100 groups Jumping Drums.
Offers lessons for event medical support Running with Those That Can not, to which they are voluntary input. In this lesson we will pass on MaxerRunnerech representatives IKEM, University Hospital Motol and other medical institutions. Also, medical students are very welcome. Czech leading heart surgeon Professor Jan Pirk the HEAT The program tried and said of him: "From the perspective of athletes do not know from the doctor's perspective, I think it could be very good example for people after heart surgery, because it is better than the classic" treadmill "that we have available. The good news is that even here can be conveniently controlled. "
                                 ULTIMATE FITNESS
Drum & Walk 2 also visits a group Kamil Střihavka The Tap Tap, which is composed primarily of disabled students or graduates Jedlicka Institute in Prague. Performance will be their last before the expected concert in Prague State Opera. Founder and conductor in one person evaluates Simon Ornest action: "When playing the drums creates a lot of energy that has always connected with movement. Although most members of The Tap Tap nenasportuje much is just playing rhythmic instruments the way we relax and fulfillment. We will support a good cause while you try how our music works in conjunction with the program Drum & Walk. "Idea to join a group of HEAT Program and The Tap Tap arose spontaneously. Idea is common relationship to nature and her mediation of those who get it from various reasons, can not afford enough. fitness HEAT program has already led several hours with the children, mainly from Down syndrome, from Olomouc Serenity. This civic association helps people with disabilities to social inclusion.
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HEAT Program in history. Audiences will not only top instructors from the Czech Republic, but also the founders and gurus HEAT Program Max Grossi and Marika Moretti. The highlight of the day will be a concert by Jumping Drums, who will also be for 300 people on the straps exercise lessons. Music especially for this occasion he composed music composer Ivo Batoušek. The main part will start at 19:00 and all those present in the belts in the auditorium, waiting 90 minutes attractive spectacle and great rhythms. Project Drum & Walk 2 is a complete unique worldwide.Drum & Walk 2 is a continuation of the events that took place in May in Olomouc. After the event organizer Tomas Hýna revealed: "The idea to organize this event was only in January, but the first moment, we knew that this is exactly it - a unique combination of cultural experience with sports. And today we are only confirmed. Sure, we keep. "Thus fulfilling his promise and 26 November, we experience movement and enjoy music in Prague.

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Fitness First

The Atkins diet is Perhaps the only of its kind, Which the men speak with enthusiasm and are willing to even hold games. Its main component is the protein from meat, cheese and fats.
According to Atkins, you can eat any of amount of food rich in protein and fat, but low carbohydrate. So you can put any of amount of meat, cheese, fats and vegetables.But forget the attachments in the form of pasta, potatoes, bread and fruits. Although this diet Seems like a very simple, very soon you will find That unilateral eating meat, cheese or eggs without attachments is not at all easy.
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"The reduction in mass of the Atkins diet is secretion of large amounts of water through the kidneys and partly fat burning, and When there is a restriction of carbohydrate intake. Therefore, it is imperative During this diet drink Sufficient Quantities of water to Prevent undesired dehydration, "advises nutrition consultant Catherine Koušová.              

Current vs. experts. Atkins
"Atkins diet is a good follow up for 3-4 weeks. It is Possible for side effects on health, Which threatened in its long-term compliance. Correct functioning of the body restricts the lack of fiber in the diet That omit cereals, fruits and vegetables. This can cause intestinal problems, constipation and dry, "says Koušová.
* The first effects of the diets were Discovered more than 40 years ago, When an American cardiologist dr. Compiled Atkins diet plan low in carbohydrates and greatly Increased consumption of protein and fat.
* At the time it was an absolute novelty for the people, because the doctors prescribed Them the opposite: a diet low in fat and high in carbohydrates.* Users in Addition to diets weight loss praised the improved health - allergies, headaches or even metabolic disorders.Often zero and low carbohydrate intake can Affect the regulation of insulin release, high intake of proteins and Their subsequent degradation in the kidney can then load the Entire body, Especially the kidneys. "The Atkins diet are Therefore not suitable for diabetics, cardiac patient's or People who have problems with Their kidneys," adds Koušová.Some positives to the Atkins diet can be found naturally. Certainly not hurt limiting the intake of refined sugar from the diet, it is ook one of the basic mechanisms of theses diets.

"Although the mental aspect Certainly will be hard to give up sweets, confectionery and bakery products, sweetened beverages, limit consumption of this group of products, Which by the way is Often a major allergen, benefit the health of each loop of us, Whether we want to shed excess pounds or not. If you are on the Atkins diet carbohydrates Consumed, you should choose only the 'correct', ie the complex, "advises nutrition counselor.

The excess protein need not have worried
In the short term, our body with an Increased intake of protein balances without problems. If, referring to: this situation lasted long without our body proteins properly utilized (eg exercise to work the muscles), then we Would inappropriately burdening the organism. The points Would be challenging in removing unused protein in the kidney.

"In my experience of practice is especially common in women daily protein intake very underrated and not many people even in the recommended daily values ​​in the consumption of protein is Reached. Especially for Them, then it will be very difficult in the Atkins diet Several Times Higher values ​​at all protein Consumed. Previously Protein fills and before we arrive ready portion. "

The key is to choose fresh and quality food, prefer lean meat and fish and diets supplemented with plenty of vegetables."The concept of frequent consumption of fatty and unhealthy food prepared simply omitting carbohydrate sources, such as Microsoft typical Czech knuckle of pork with sauerkraut and dumplings omitting the misconception, and Certainly does not help to reduce kilos," smiles Koušová of common dietary mistakes.    
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After Atkins experts recommend it and return VARIED and balanced diet based on fresh raw materials. Received Doses of daily nutrients should be proportionate to the individual needs of each construct individual.In any case, do not receive Excessive Doses of fat and simple sugars. Otherwise, at each yo-yo effect not long to wait. It is ook nepřejídat Important, but not nehladovět. Of course there is a quality drinks.

Fitness clubs

Forget fancy fitness fads. Your body is the only equipment you need for one of the hottest fitness trends: body-weight workouts. A new survey of fitness trends shows body-weight training, including back-to-basics exercises like push-ups, planks, and pull-ups, is expected to be one of the top 10 fitness trends of 2013.
Researchers say people have been using their own body weight

Fitness Center

Life Fitness

The founder of the idea, referring to: was an American physician Dr. Howard Hay, Who Himself compiled this method due to kidney disease. No study has yet Shown That the combination of nutrients affected the metabolimus and Henco the weight loss. And if the diets Would work, then it is the Ivy Málková of Stob Because there is no automatic Pecking Between meals. "At least slimmer you need to Recognize Whether a given food due to previous eating Certain types of food They can afford. Usuall reduce caloric intake Because They Take A Higher Proportion of plant foods, and a Smaller Proportion of fatty foods," says Iva Málková .

The method is based on the FACT That certain foods needed for the digestion of acidic pH environment, while others alkaline. This digestion was Carried out without Complications and burdens of the organism, protein and carbohydrate foods should not be combine                                                                         >>>>>CLICK HERE FORE MOR INFO<<<< 
Divided food is inaccurately Referred to as diet, rather a lifestyle. It is a balanced harmony of food, According To That research not only help people get rid of excess weight, but weight Increase ook malnourished. According to the MD. Catherine Cajthamlová concept but does not make much sense to split meals. "There's no way the components separated already in the food itself, so this is more of a ritual thing to think about your lifestyle and what we eat. Whereas Previously we had many and nonsense, now more check and definitely Increase the intake fruits and vegetables , "sees popular diet doctor in split some positives.

"Divided diets, compared to other dietary methods, to our body in terms of health is definitely Harmful. Starvation does not occur to a person Enters the body all the Important food components. Contrast, various sources claim That we are Divided Protects food our digestive System Is Not Overloaded digestion proteins and carbohydrates together, "says Linda method Procházková, nutrition adviser Center Bomton beauty.

Important food distribution
The principle of the division of food in this case the three groups, Which are combined According to the rules or not combined at all.

The first category can be Described as proteins, carbohydrates, and the second and third as a neutral food. Each of the groups it needs its digestion in the gastrointestinal tract of different environments: proteins require a very low pH and high carbohydrate vice versa.

The combination of the two groups of food for digestion is not optimal, because the points of the paradoxically consume large portion of energy on your digestive process. THUS, if we Respect The distribution of food, the digestive tract and with less strain and Prevents the normal fatigue after eating.

Rules for compliance
Group of proteins and carbohydrates are not combined, a neutral third party can complement both. Rules methods is, They can eat all day only proteins or carbohydrates.

Some promoters split diets Claims That you just rotate groups Within each construct daily meals with a spacing of at Least 4 hours. He Would, referring to: have each construct group Regularly rotate, That even if someone more tasty food only one group.

Is it Possible That we, for example five Consecutive days eating only protein. "This option Would really not recommend trying. Indeed, When The points not Deliver the Necessary energy from carbohydrates, thereby greatly Charged will be the central nervous system and our body does not have enough energy to function properly," Warns Procházková.

Classification of foods into groups
Split diets Strictly forbids consumption of coffee, black tea, cocoa and chocolate. Further, it Would not Appear on the menu pork, products made from white flour, mayonnaise, peanuts, salt or canned products.

Protein group

This group is Mainly meat and meat products. Besides pork here can be eaten any meat That is cooked. It is Necessary to Avoid frying in breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs Belongs to the category of carbohydrates, and smoked variant processing. Also included are soy and dairy products, low fat milk, eggs and cheese.
The group of proteins Which include the selected fruit may be eaten citrus, exotic fruits, sour apples and pears, apricots, peaches and cherries. The drinks are recommended fruit teas, dry white and dry red wine or champagne.

Saccharide group
The latter group is Particularly rich in wholemeal products and rice. It includes some vegetables: potatoes, cabbage and corn, sweet and dry fruits as bananas, figs, grapes, or dried fruit. Can consume juices, syrups, maple syrup and honey. In alcoholic drinks beer.

Neutral Group                              
The advantage of this group is That it can be combined with others, or can be left alone. It Belongs here fermented milk products, cheese, with more Than 50% share of fat, most vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, beans, spinach, lettuce and kohlrabi) and smoked meat. For other foods, then nuts, mushrooms and herb teas. Alcohol only in the form of spirits.Advantage partitioned diet is That it can keep a long time and can solve the digestive problems. "At no time divided by diet restriction is not, there are people Who tribute games whole life, but someone does not turn its long-term use to sit. Foods rich in fiber are very beneficial for the proper functioning of digestion and digestion, as well as dairy products rich in lactobacilli have very positive effect on our digestion, "says nutrition counselor.

On the market there are many cookbooks with recipes That are assembled by groups. Bored in the diet Certainly will not.